1. A


    Hi! # logfilename [owner:group] mode count size when flags [/pid_file] [sig_num] /var/log/nginx/access.log 644 50 500 * C /var/run/ 30 Newsyslog for this configuration should make log files every 500 kilobytes. But...
  2. J

    Solved Log file rotation by size and time

    Logfile rotation, which is handled by newsyslog, can be done based on 1) max size of file, 2) at certain time. My questions is: how does it work when both the conditions are specified? I'd expect it'll rotate when any one condition is met. Is that correct? But for example, in my newsyslog.conf...
  3. pmaechler

    newsyslog - automaticaly remove unused logfiles

    Dear BSD Users I’m looking for a way to get rid of “abandoned” logfiles. We are using syslog-ng and are rotating the files with newsyslog Each client has his own logfile where we get stuff from syslog-ng. The files are in /var/log/syslog-ng/cpe/<customer>.log The newsyslog config line is...
  4. M

    Munin and log rotation

    Hello, having searched but not found anything about munin and logrotation. Situation as follows: Munin update script is run by crontab @hourly. Logrotation of nginx is done by newsyslog @T00 Right now I lose the loggings from 23 to 00 o'clock because the log rotations takes place before the...
  5. PenegalECI

    Newsyslog equivalent for logrotate's copytruncate

    Hello, there. I'm trying to configure newsyslog to rotate PostgreSQL logs, but I ran into a problem: PostgreSQL can't be told to reopen its log files, unless by rebooting it, but I can't do that on a production server. Under Linux, it is done using the copytruncate logrotate option, which...
  6. abdelilah

    Solved newsyslog delayed compression

    Hello everyone, How can I achieved delayed compression like the one existing in logrotate, here is my config (I did not find this in the man) : /var/log/apache24/httpd-access.log 644 52 * @T04 J /var/run/ 30 I wish to delay the compression by one day : - Current log. - Rotated...