1. K

    USB wireless adapter interface configuration requires "service netif restart" after reboot

    So I have been tried to setup a wireless connection on start up but it seems that the system does not see the wireless adapter when bringing up the interface, which is loaded later After reboot service netif restart outputs this: Stopping Network: lo0 em0. lo0...
  2. nactusberrilli

    Solved "service netif restart" required on reboot

    I can't seem to figure out why I have to use service netif restart every single time after I rebooted my system for the ifconfig to recognize (and make visible/accessible) my "wlan0". This is the /etc/rc.conf hostname="rpi-b" ifconfig_DEFAULT="DHCP" sshd_enable="YES" sendmail_enable="NONE"...
  3. FKEinternet

    Solved service netif restart loses default route?

    As illustrated below, I rebooted my machine and immediately ran netstat -rn followed by service netif restart. I then executed ifconfig to verify the network interfaces were properly up, and ran netstat -rn again. The entry default UGS re1 present in the first netstat results...