nest display

  1. Alain De Vos

    Nesting, ie running a wayland-compositor within an xorg-desktop.

    Currently i'm experimenting in running "sway" or "labwc" within "xfce4". Do you nest some things, what are your experiences?
  2. sidetone

    Bastille jail: console, nest display + building & testing builds

    Install sysutils/bastille and net/gitup on host through either ports or packages. For a nested display server to run or test from the jail, install x11-servers/xorg-nestserver or x11-servers/xephyr on the host system as well. Bastille jail in the example or instruction will be named "myjail"...
  3. sidetone

    Solved Executing X11 program built in Bastille jail

    How do I execute a graphical program that was built in Bastille? How would I do it from the package to the Host system? Also, how would I run it from inside the jail? A long time ago, I ran a graphical program inside an xserver inside a jail, in ezjail. I used x11-servers/xorg-nestserver then...
  4. blackbird9

    Xephyr glamor option not working

    hI've been figuring out how to use Xephyr to make a second X display on a thinkpad T61. I read on phoronix that Xephyr had some work done a few years ago to add the glamor driver to improve its performance, so I've been trying to get it working. I installed it from packages, and Xephyr works...
  5. christov84

    Xephyr loads xsession then dies :(

    Hey everyone having some odd problems when FreeBSD connects to GDM on my Debian machine: /usr/local/bin/Xephyr :1 -query kuroioni loads screen then dies. STDOUT says this: Ignoring device from HAL. (EE) config/hal: NewInputDeviceRequest failed (2) Ignoring device from HAL. (EE) config/hal...
  6. F

    How do I instal Xnest?

    How do I instal Xnest? Preferably with as little dependency overhead as possible. <== I think that's it.