Solved Executing X11 program built in Bastille jail

How do I execute a graphical program that was built in Bastille?

How would I do it from the package to the Host system?

Also, how would I run it from inside the jail? A long time ago, I ran a graphical program inside an xserver inside a jail, in ezjail. I used x11-servers/xorg-nestserver then. I forgot the configuration. How much more of the window system would I have to install?
I got something useful for testing purposes: for testing my compilations of X programs under bastille/jails.

From host, as a normal user, I ran Xnest :1 -listen tcp, to get a window screen. Then, from within the jail, I ran for example xterm -display :1. Then, I set the display within my jail, so I don't have to enter the display argument every time: setenv DISPLAY :1. After this, echo $DISPLAY gives a result. To make it permanent across exiting and logging into the jail, insert the command with setenv into ~/.cshrc or your other shell configuration file.

For some programs, I get errors trying to run them. While this suits my purposes for testing ports built in jail, I can still learn if there's a way to run programs from jail through another Xorg way/program, without using Xnest. Also, using a package built in jail, used directly on my host system.
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