1. First_Law_of_Unix

    C ncurses blank lines (newline) not being displayed on terminal/console window

    I'm following a ncurses tutorial from here: It shows how to make a simple bouncing character that goes left to right on the terminal window. Here is the code, I modified it slightly: #include <ncurses.h> #include...
  2. H

    Need easy help to "port" my Bible app to Freebsd

    Hi guys :) I'm new to FreeBSD and need a quick help (no coding, just info and maybe easy testing) to "port" my app to FreeBSD. The topo: My app exists on several packages: PyPI, Snap, Flatpak. It's a python app using ncurses and sqlite3. The app is of course free and under GPL3...
  3. byrnejb

    Solved Poudriere pkg options

    I am trying to get a version of the ncurses library built with debugging and trace enabled. I set the options I desired using poudriere options. poudriere options -s -p PORTS_12_2 devel/ncurses ===> The following configuration options are available for ncurses-6.2.20210626: DEBUG=on...
  4. NapoleonWils0n

    vlc no ncurses interface on Freebsd

    VLC has an ncurses interface which can be started from the terminal by running nvlc, the vlc preferences also have an option in the Main interfaces section to enable the ncurses interface Both the nvlc binary and the option to enable the ncurses interface in the preferences are missing in...