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  1. N

    PF Wireguard, pf, nat and FIBS

    Hello, I want to change my firewall (FW) because it's not a freebsd machine. The freebsd machine will become my new firewall. The version is "13.2-RELEASE-p8 FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE-p8 GENERIC amd64 I want to create a Wireguard VPN tunnel between my new firewall and the outside, but only for...
  2. HL1234

    Solved cannot install in a jail with ports & jail defined with different subnets - does this work?

    Hello, I'm new to work with jail. I try this example: FreeBSD jails: a complete example I've created the jail from another example - copied some files from the host - did a bit configuration - and it works: I can start it and connect in it with 'tcsh' command. With the example above I try to...
  3. W

    IPFW Kernel NAT port redirection is not working ?

    Hi everyone. Recently I have upgraded to 12.2-Release-p1 from 11.4-Release-p4 And have composed a new firewall script for server with jails etc. based on the handbook: So ... everything is working except port redirection to access...
  4. S

    PF NAT redirect not working

    Hello. I've been using FreeBSD and PF for a while now and it's really nice :) I have one problem though.. I have a FreeBSD as a gateway with NAT and firewall and then in my local LAN I have more computers behind. The computers are running various type of services. So now I have a NAS behind...
  5. byrnejb

    PF PF TCP S/SA default flag filter and TCP 3-way handshake

    If this sequence of packet headers is valid: SYN, SYN+ACK, ACK ( the 3-way handshake), then why is the default flag filter S/SA? I am having some difficulty in determining why NATed connections through a newly setup PF based router/firewall to a particular host drop. The one thing that stands...
  6. B

    Networking My openvpn tun mode server is always stuck ?

    When I use the IP address( to connect to the server (, my openvpn tun mode server is always stuck ? That is why ? When I type the command “top htop …”.it is stuck. This is my /etc/rc.conf: Server@root[~]# cat /etc/rc.conf hostname="Server" ifconfig_msk0="inet...
  7. S

    Problems with NAT because of OpenVPN and IPSec working on the same PC

    I have a NAT problems on my VPN server. My network like on this image: | | | WAN ( +--------------------- OpenVPN client ( | | | | | IPSec...
  8. K

    pf nat not working

    Ok, I've spend quite a bit of time, several days lately, and several weeks before. My setup, Arris cable modem, FreeBSD system, with two NICs em0 = external to cable modem em1 = unmanaged switch The broken way I can access the internet now, is by having a cable connect to a port on my Arris...