1. dtynan

    Issues with boot0/boot1 on a CF card

    I have a WRAP board (PC Engines) which had some issues running 12.4, so I wanted to reinstall 12.1 and ran into boot issues. I've built a blank CF card with a combination of `gpart`/`bsdlabel` and untarring the 12.1 base/kernel tarballs. I used gpart rather than fdisk to create the slices...
  2. T

    jail host in usb stick

    Hi, i would like to install jails host into usb stick and use zfs pool on mirrored sata ssds for jails i found there are nanobsd for that purpose can anyone share some tips or examples how to make it right way host system should use custom kernel, small set of (preinstalled) packages for...
  3. J

    Cannot install packages in NanoBSD

    Hi everybody, I need help in building NanoBSD imge using custom function customize_cmd cust_pkg. Here is the content of my /usr/src/tools/tools/nanobsd/Pkg directory: root@Dell-E1705:/usr/src/tools/tools/nanobsd/Pkg # ls -als total 26696 4 drwxr-xr-x 2 root wheel 512 Nov 4 09:54 ...
  4. O

    Problem booting NanoBSD from USB flash drive

    Hello, For years, since FreeBSD 10.x, I have been booting my router with a custom built nanobsd image, from a USB Flash drive. It has worked fine with a motherboard having an Intel Atom N270 CPU, then until now, with another motherboard having an Intel Atom N2800 CPU. My nanobsd image is based...
  5. S

    Nanobsd Build with Linux C7 Support

    Hello, i am trying to build my own custom nanobsd image with some software preloaded. I need Linux C7 Support in my nanobsd image so i added the packages to the pkg install. I am getting the following error : Cannot install package: kernel missing 64-bit Linux support As far as i understang...
  6. ulzeraj

    Solved Nanobsd: "missing directory in specification" while building disk image

    Hi. I've searched the forums and the net for this without success. I'm trying to build a 13.0 nanobsd image from qemu-amd64-uefi.cfg. The build machine is a default amd64 12.2-STABLE. This is what I did so far: - Git cloned the repo into /usr/src...
  7. G

    Samba behavior differences between base system and NanoBSD

    Hello, I have a NanoBSD server (compiled with 12.2 sources) with samba410. I cannot connect as non root user on the shares. It throws the following error [2020/11/04 15:43:37.679714, 0] ../../source3/smbd/uid.c:448(change_to_user_internal) change_to_user_internal: chdir_current_service()...
  8. Mac_a

    Mount zfs pool on Nanobsd

    I'm new to Nanobsd, built with Feebsd 12 (compile Generic kernel all modules), everything run as expected, now I intend to build a zfs pool, but being a filesystem (ro) it is not possible, I think of a link to /var or /etc., but I'm not sure it would be the ideal way out. I also didn't find...
  9. Bobi B.

    How to change to alt root filesystem with nanobsd and UEFI?

    Greetings! I've built several nanobsd systems, performed multiple upgrades (using two root file systems) and, so far, everything worked great. Enter UEFI. With UEFI boot process is handled by /boot/boot1.efi (uefi) and gptboot is no-longer in use. Therefore partition attributes, such as bootme...
  10. PKraszewski

    UFS Mysterious "Out of inodes" in NanoBSD

    Hello, everybody. I have a strange problem with one of my servers. Some facts: Prepared via slightly modified NanoBSD from 11.2-STABLE #0 r342216 Is running on a 8GB pendrive, UEFI boot, 4 GPT partitions, #1 is UEFI #2 is /cfg (r/o) #3 is / (r/o) #4 is /data, (r/w, created via makefs -t ffs...
  11. J

    Nanobsd: Which part of the boot processes the /cfg mount and copy please?

    Hi All, Quick Q: Which part of the boot processes the /cfg mount and copy into /etc when using NanoBSD builder? I have seen that /etc/rc.initdiskless handles copy items from /conf understandibly but cannot find any reference to /cfg... Any pointers please! Kr, James
  12. Bobi B.

    [nanobsd] When exactly is /cfg copied over /etc?

    Greetings. I'm looking to find the piece of code that is mounting /cfg and copying its contents over /etc during nanobsd image boot. The reason for this is to create a SVN repo on /cfg (using svnlite) and keep modified configuration files there, hence some sort of svnlite checkout should be...
  13. D

    NanoBSD with /cfg on zpool

    Hi folks! I'm trying to install FreeBSD on an SD card, but with the /cfg stored on a zpool. Here is my approach: FlashDevice generic 2g NANO_BOOTLOADER="/boot/boot0" NANO_MODULES="default" NANO_LABEL="nanobsd" cust_zfs_load () ( touch ${NANO_WORLDDIR}/boot/loader.conf echo...