1. aquatic

    Memory issues while listening to music on using Falkon and Firefox

    Summary When listening to music on in, the system allocates more and more memory. If I do not close and reopen the tab after some hours, the memory runs full and the system gets slow and the unresponsive (Before edit, I wrote "system crashed" which was imprecise). This happens in...
  2. Cath O'Deray

    Solved TIDAL – DRM required (for audio but not necessarily for video, apparently)

    I couldn't listen without signing in, but thanks. No response when the play button is clicked, true?
  3. milgra

    Zen Music music player/visualizer/organizer is released

    Hello everyone, I wrote a music player/visualizer/organizer on FreeBSD, for FreeBSD ( it compiles on Linux also ) because I really missed iTunes after switching to FreeBSD from MacOS and I also really missed the per-channel frequency analyzers of the late 80's/early 90's tracker music players...
  4. PacketMan

    Should this be the offical music / sound track to FreeBSD?

    Its Friday, finally, thankfully. Another trillion zeros and ones routed to the great ether. Imagine walking into a server room where all the machines run FreeBSD, there are no other sounds in the room, and the OS emits sounds. Kernel sounds, user process sounds, cron jobs kicking off stuff and...
  5. N

    Solved USB MIDI controller not recognized by DAWs

    I'm trying to get my Akai MPK25 USB MIDI controller to work with a DAW such as audio/lmms or audio/ardour. But the controller is not available from within either program using the menus, and I'm not able to connect either DAW to the MIDI controller using audio/qjackctl. I know the hardware is...