multimedia stream

  1. Sergei_Shablovsky

    Congestion control choose (BBR2, QUICK, RACK, CDG) for music streaming

    What congestion control (BBR2, QUICK, RACK, CDG ( better to using in music streaming where 95-97% of clients are app on a mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) ? And which tunables are suitable (see example): 86213/...
  2. aquatic

    Memory issues while listening to music on using Falkon and Firefox

    Summary When listening to music on in, the system allocates more and more memory. If I do not close and reopen the tab after some hours, the memory runs full and the system gets slow and the unresponsive (Before edit, I wrote "system crashed" which was imprecise). This happens in...
  3. Sergei_Shablovsky

    Utility to scrambling of an incoming audio stream

    Hi FreeBSD Gurus! Could You be do please to suggest me utility to make scrambling of an incoming audio stream: this mean read mp3, AAC, ogg, flack, whatever... http/shttp/etc stream, scramble by extracting track name-artist-etc metadata from exact stream OR (in case metadata not present) using...
  4. hakova

    Solved Video playback performance tips

    Hi all, I built a fully up-to-date FreeBSD 13.1 media pc on a Lenovo Thinkpad m900 tiny host. I chose xfce as the DE, due to its lean nature, added Kodi on top and installed google chrome browser in a linux jail using this script to be able to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime. Everything works as...
  5. B

    Solved VLC stream to TV

    Hi there, I'd appreciate an instruction for setting up VLC stream to my Sony 55X9500H TV. The TV supports DLNA. There are some instructions on internet but it seems no one cares to write a good one. My case is very simple. The FreeBSD host machine and TV are in the same LAN, 192.168.0.x. VLC...
  6. Z

    Jailed Plex server with IOCage

    I recently built a new file server and thought I'd share the in's and outs. For this KB I'm assuming the following. 4 drives 32GB of ram 10GB intel network card.. I'm also assuming this is a multi purpose server, meaning the host lives on the main zpool.. it may run other jails, bhyve...
  7. Avery Freeman

    How-to: Use FreeBSD for recording and streaming HDHomeRun TV

    FreeBSD with ZFS for Recording TV using HDHomeRun tuners Disclaimer: I can't make any promises that any of the included information is correct, just that it appears to be working for me. I've had this setup for about 2 months now, recording TV for approximately 18 hours a day, generally two...