1. RustLang

    FreeBSD Doesn't Boot After-Installation

    Hi, I installed FreeBSD with manual partitioning (Because I am multibooting [OpenBSD,Linux Mint]). I setted them like this: ada0p1 (EFI partiton) (automatically selected as EFI Partition and mountpoint is also automatically set to /boot/efi) ada0p6 (FreeBSD partition. Uses UFS) ada0p5 (FreeBSD...
  2. Nick-6

    Solved GEOM: invalid disklabel

    I would like to multi-boot FreeBSD[13.1-RESEASE], OpenBSD[7.1] and Debian[sid] on my SSD. Before doing it on physical disks, I tried it on VirtualBox on my FreeBSD-13.1-RELEASE. I installed OpenBSD on ada0p4 with full disk encryption. To do/practice it twice, I booted into FreeBSD, delete and...
  3. mamrezo

    Install FreeBSD 13.0 alongside with other OS's on UEFI system via GRUB2 (Multiboot)

    Hi there, Nowadays, UEFI boot and multiboot is a matter for all of us. We have more storage, GPT let us have many primary partitions and after all, with a boot loader like GRUB you will do it, Have a system with a few OS for Gaming, Developing, Testing, Work, etc. Most setups end like this: 1...
  4. A

    General instruction for installing FreeBSD and not breaking existing gpt UEFI partitions; want to boot FreeBSD with grub

    I am trying to install FreeBSD to the same HDD to which my Linux and Windows are installed; so it may be called triple-boot. I am using EFI-compatible firmware and a version of grub that on startup offers me to load one of the 2 systems that I have installed; now I want to install FreeBSD as the...
  5. usernamekiran

    How to multi-boot with Windows 10, and Linux Mint 18?

    Hello. Recently I got a new laptop (Alienware 13 R2). It has UEFI. I also have a non UEFI desktop, and laptop. On the the desktop, I have XP, FreeBSD 8.1, and Linux Mint 7 (XFCE); and on laptop I have Windows 7, Mint 7, and FreeBSD 11.1. On both of these computers, in Linux Mint I have edited...
  6. A

    Multiboot on an External

    Hey all. Sorry that my first post is basically a "somebody throw me a line" post...but here goes! :-) I'm currently running 3 OS's (2x linux distributions, 1x windows os) on my laptop. I also connect a 1TB external HD to it. On this External HD, I want to run FreeBSD and likely a couple linux...
  7. K

    Installing FreeBSD 11 on PowerMac G5 (beside Debian)

    I have a G5 Power Mac with Linux and i would like to install FreeBSD on it. However, whenever i try to install it, it completely destroys the partition tables on ALL disks and rendering Linux to unbootable. (FreeBSD also cannot boot.) I've read in the manual, that on PPC sysinstall cannot...
  8. D

    FreeBSD Multi-Boot USB Drive

    I want to install FreeBSD on a multi-boot USB disk with a program like SARDU, but it's not an option. Does anyone know how I would do this?