1. gpw928

    MSI UEFI firmware master keys stolen

    If you have an MSI motherboard, you probably don't want to flash the firmware any time soon. With no easy way to revoke compromised keys, MSI, and its customers, are in a real pickle.
  2. HD Scania

    Solved How much it's worth to wait for Ryzen 6800G APU's for FreeBSD?

    I decided to plan for building a custom PC whose motherboard is MSi, and whose AMD processor is maybe sth like Ryzen 6800G APU (due to my intention not requiring any discrete graphics) about to be available at about late January, which starts supporting DDR5 RAM's since then And i'm about to...
  3. HD Scania

    How long a major upgrade takes from previous STABLE to most recent STABLE?

    It’s assumed that I have AMD Ryzen 7 4800 series and 32GB RAM, and from 12-STABLE to 13-STABLE currently. Will also be useful for the next major -STABLE, i.e. from 13-STABLE to 14-STABLE Asus M712 with AMD Ryzen 7 5800U/5700U, MSi Alpha 17 with Ryzen 7 4800U, and VAIO E15 with Ryzen 7 3700U, are...
  4. S

    General comments about FBSD-12 with AMD Ryzen 7 and MSI X570 ACE

    It was a profound surprise to me when I found out that MSI (current and past 2-3 generations) motherboards no long support booting from a PCIe HDD. For at least 15 years I have been using various MSI motherboards with many different PCIe controlled hard drives. My last MB, 990XA-GD55, had 2...
  5. Jörg Preiß

    Solved FreeBSD on MSI Wind 100

    Hi all, I've seen that some of you already managed to install FreeBSD on a Wind machine. But I do not even get it to boot. I tried both, the DVD and the memory stick image. I wrote it to stick with dd, but also with unetbootin. But they do not appear in the list of bootable devices. The only...