1. I

    Solved Cannot mount FAT32 msdosfs USB disk

    Hi, I am new to FreeBSD and use it at work. We use a stripped version of FreeBSD11.4-RELEASE (the person that stripped it is not around) and so, do not hesitate to tell me what "might" be missing or what "might" be different in our stripped version. I need to mount a FAT32 usb stick. The...
  2. dl8dtl

    Other When/what generates /dev/msdosfs/*?

    As mentioned in another thread, I just migrated my arm64 machine (RockPi4) from SD-Card to NVMe SSD. The original SD-card system mounts the EFI boot partition from /dev/msdosfs/EFI, where "EFI" is the label used inside the msdsofs. When booting from the NVMe SSD, this failed because this...
  3. Yaazkal

    Other mount does not recognize slice at the first try (12.2-RELEASE)

    Hi, I'll like to understand this behaviour, maybe am I missing something? mount does not recognize the slice at first try, I end up producing an error so I can mount it. When I try something like sudo mount -t msdosfs /dev/da0s1 /mnt/microsd it says: "mount_msdosfs: /dev/da0s1: No such file or...
  4. B

    How to mount partitions msdos (beginner level)

    Well, let's start: First, I based my tutorial on this: But, even when I can understand very well this language, I found this, which is in another language. If you can speak Spanish, you can visit it. Or, if...
  5. F

    USB drives: foreign language file names

    Hi everyone. I'm just posting this here because I've been experiencing this problem for quite some time and it was extremely difficult to find the solution. When inserting a USB flash drive it's mounted with mount_msdosfs. But the Handbook fails to mention that unless you supply -L for locale...