1. J

    mosquitto and websockets disconnect after initial packets

    On trying to connect to a mosquitto broker running on FreeBSD, I see the connection established, the expected GET / HTTP/1.1 request followed by the expected HTTP/1.1 101 Switching Protocols response. However after that point, the connection gets shut down. This is seen with configuration of...
  2. W

    Shell Inter process / Inter User Message Passing

    Use case: when my Fritz Box gets a new IP address, it calls a dyndns CGI script on a FreeBSD box, which should result in updating pf to pass this new IP. (similar to this thread: update pf table via web) Obviously, www:www should not get sudo for updating the firewall. How would one pass the...
  3. sidetone

    Opensource communication frameworks: XMPP, SIP, AMQP, MQTT, CAP, IAX

    An opensource framework allows interoperable and inter-organizational use between different offerings (or servers). Signal can't be compared in this category, because it is simply an opensource client offered by one provider or organization, and not a standard for interoperable use: it can be...
  4. H

    Building mosquitto-auth-plug on FreeBSD

    Hello. I'm struggling with mosquitto-auth-plug on FreeBSD. I'm following the (pretty basic) instruction provided by the authors. I do successfully build mosquitto-1.6.9. I do successfully build also mosquitto-auth-plug, but later I'm getting undefined symbols, when mosquitto starts and loads the...
  5. munocat

    Solved Help: Start mosquito server on system start up

    I have installed and configured a MQTT mosquito server, how do I get it to start up when I boot. I am on FreeBSD 12.1 RELEASE. Thank you in advanced.
  6. sidetone

    Comparisons of XMPP, Signal, MQTT, Tox, Telegram

    XMPP is said to have a lot of overhead, in part because it uses XML. Also, each message must pass through servers that were used for establishing the connection, rather than more directly afterwards. Telegram markets itself as being very secure, but I've seen past comments that were dubious...
  7. T

    Mosquitto and persistence db

    Hello, I am trying to setup mosquitto on FreeBSD-11. Unfortunately, the persistence db doesn't work for me. My config is as follows: # cat /usr/local/etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf pid_file /var/run/ user nobody port 8883 allow_anonymous false password_file...
  8. wblock@

    Control Panels for IoT or network sensors

    Using ESP8266 embedded wireless boards, I've built a few wireless temperature and humidity sensors. While researching this, it appeared that MQTT was the protocol to use for this type of data. So right now, net/mosquitto is receiving the data from these sensors. With the included MQTT client...