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    Slow video playback with mplayer, but mpv works fine

    I have 3 video players installed: 1. vlc - no sounds for a large # of videos downloaded via youtube-dl 2. mplayer - plays all videos I download via youtube-dl, but I run into a slow or choppy video (I'm using nvidia-driver-440 and an nvidia 1050 ti) 3. mpv - this plays just fine with both...
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    Solved Mplayer playlist over SSH.

    I've been having troubles running my playlist with mplayer over ssh. This used to work without any issues for me with the following: ssh -i .ssh/user_key.id_rsa user@host "mplayer -shuffle -playlist /path/to/playlist.txt -af resample=44100,channels=2,format=s16le -ao pcm:file=/dev/stdout...