1. Sivan!

    boot from mountroot

    My freebsd 13.2 desktop crashed a while ago, I tried boot-repair which went wrong, I kept the drive with its data in cold storage for quite a while. When I try recovery again now, after a long time, freebsd gets to mountroot prompt, ? showed (soon after the crash I tried boot-repair and it...
  2. T

    Other How would I load root image into memory-backed fs and run the system from that?

    I am using tmpfs for /tmp and that made a significant difference in chromium as well as other apps that use it, but would essentially like to use it for /. The logical steps I can think of are: 1. create root image, optional compression 2. extract root image contents into memory backed device...
  3. G

    ZFS mountroot fails error 5

    Hello, I asked it on maillist freebsd-questions, but no answers. I have a server with 2x2TB with geli + zfs-mirror disks and zfs on root with gptzfsboot. Disks are ada0 and ada1. Previously they were at ada1 and ada2. I get stuck at mountroot> stage. System starts, I input the passphrase, get...
  4. Thim

    Unable to start installer

    I am new to BSD. I am having FREEBSD 12 DVD for amd64. I don't know how to get to the installer from the boot menu. What I read in the handbook I should select multiuser mode, but I always get to mountroot prompt as in the picture. Hard to believe this is all it can do on more than 3 Gigs of DVD.
  5. HL1234

    Installing new kernel FreeBSD 11.0 runs into a mountroot>

    Hello, after make installkernel I got a lot of messages "kldxref: unknown metadata record 4 in file". But I have ignored that. Then I do like it was described in the handbook: shutdown now mount -u / mount -a -t ufs swapon -a cp -Rpv /etc /home/etc-170128 mergemaster -p but it has merged...
  6. C

    Error 19 booting from installed USB device

    Hi all, I'm trying to boot FreeBSD 10.2 from a USB device that I used as the install destination from a liveCD installer. I performed the installation on another system, specifying the flash disk (Patriot XPorter 16GB) as the install target and am now trying to boot a small fileserver from...