mount internal hdd

  1. usernamekiran

    Solved How to mount NTFS partition from same HDD?

    Hello, I am using FreeBSD 11.1, dual boot with Win 10. Win 10 is on C drive (ada0p3). I have my media on ada0p4, which is an NTFS drive. sade shows it as "ms-basic-data". My FreeBSD is installed in a nested partition. With linux, I used to use sudo mount /dev/sda2<or the drive letter>...
  2. daruffneck2

    Migrating to second hard drive

    I need a hint how to mount a second hard drive into a newly installed BSD Desktop System. This second drive has been mounted under Debian wheezy but after changing to jessie I am facing the music. It is not a raid, justs a simple second hdd. Since I installed the new system and no further...