mount a ntfs

  1. great_otter

    Solved Trouble accessing external NTFS partition

    Hi to all, I am new to the BSD, and I have trouble trying to access data on an externally mounted hard drive with Windows 10 partition on it. I am using an external drive bay connected via USB to my desktop. When I switch drive on I get the following output from dmesg: umass0 on uhub4 umass0...
  2. U

    Solved Mounting /dev/nvd0

    I have a separate Windows Hard Drive that i am trying to access. gpart show => 34 2000409197 nvd0 GPT (954G) 34 2014 - free - (1.0M) 2048 1085440 1 ms-recovery (530M) 1087488 204800 2 efi (100M) 1292288 32768...
  3. J

    Other Mount a NTFS 4TB Hard Drive

    Goodday, Finally I got parts to build a Plex PC, since I am very happy with pfSense I decided to go with FreeBSD. Installation went very good, but I can't mount the 4TB hard drive with all my media in Plex server website.' So I tried to install ntfs-3g, which I think I did, when I hit the...