Other Mount a NTFS 4TB Hard Drive


Finally I got parts to build a Plex PC, since I am very happy with pfSense I decided to go with FreeBSD.
Installation went very good, but I can't mount the 4TB hard drive with all my media in Plex server website.'
So I tried to install ntfs-3g, which I think I did, when I hit the command ntfs-3g /dev/ada1 /mnt
It says command not found.
Is there anyone here that can help me mount this 4TB HDD with all my media?
Thank you for your replay Sir!
pkg info -x fusefs-ntfs gives fusefs-ntfs-2017.3.23
I hit the command ntfs-3g /dev/ada1 /mnt and i get: ntfs: Command not found
After a whole day sleepless i managed to get the HDD in /mnt.
Now i wonder, if i restart the machine will the HDD still be mounted or do i need to typ in some commands so every time the server restarts the NTFS media (HDD) will be mounted?
I run TrueOS server with Lumina desktop.
P/S i mounted the NTFS HDD with command:> # ntfs-3g /dev/adap1 /mnt