mount a fat32

  1. I

    Solved Cannot mount FAT32 msdosfs USB disk

    Hi, I am new to FreeBSD and use it at work. We use a stripped version of FreeBSD11.4-RELEASE (the person that stripped it is not around) and so, do not hesitate to tell me what "might" be missing or what "might" be different in our stripped version. I need to mount a FAT32 usb stick. The...
  2. SoBe

    Solved issues mounting a magicstore hdd

    Hello fellow freebsd community members, Can you please help? I am running Windows 10 pro and have freeBSD installed inside of hyper-v, I use a micro hdd "not a flash drive" this is a micro drive pre thumb drive era. I use this because Windows 10 treats it as a hdd so I can unmount it and add it...