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    Change "welcome message" when login via ssh on FreeBSD 14. How?

    Hello everyone! Trying to change default "welcome message" via motd (nano /etc/motd) on FreeBSD 14 for ssh login. But after restarting server it's appearing default again. Is there any examples of how to do it? All that found by me in the internet not working.
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    Very unhappy with FreeBSD 13 MOTD

    This may not be the right audience, but I'm very displeased with FreeBSD 13 changing the traditional /etc/motd logic and turning it into what I see as over-engineered triviality which contradicts the unix philosophy. I don't know where is the right place to express my thoughts about it, sorry if...
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    Solved Colors in the motd?

    So I came accross the 20501 and found the example to have escapes with color codes. I'm curious, I could not get the motd to have colores, even using different escape sequences (i.g. 033) – so in which environment does login print the motd? I was guessing it would be in the users context and...