1. D

    Solved WINE on FreeBSD 13 - Am I Just Wasting My Time?

    I've been trying to get wine installed and working on FreeBSD v.13 amd64 Desktop is MATE, in case that matters. ( for what its worth, I did seem to be getter results with KDE Plasma desktop. ) Followed the owners manual: as root- pkg install wine-gecko pkg install wine-mono pkg install wine...
  2. aragats

    Solved certain mono functions don't work?

    Are there mono users here? I noticed that some functions do not work properly unless I'm missing something. For example, Process.WorkingSet64 is supposed to return the amount of physical memory allocated for a process, however, it returns 0 in FreeBSD and the actual memory in Linux (the same...
  3. aragats

    Other Debugging and automated testing of C# mono programs?

    Does anybody know any useful tools on the subject? I have a lang/mono application written in C# which runs fine, but it's not perfect yet. Personally I wouldn't ever use any .NET stuff, but I have to deal with this now. Maybe sometime later I'll re-write it in plain C though.
  4. T

    Linux compatibility with Mono

    Hello, there are a lot of mono applications these days, especially in the gaming area (both server and client). So I wonder whether it is possible to run Mono applications on the Linux Compatibility Layer of FreeBSD. I think there would need to be some ports for that, or some Linux for mono...
  5. I

    Only getting mono sound

    Skip two paragraphs to get to the issue if you don't want to know the back story. I was using Xfce until a few weeks ago. It ran fine...or at least it did. I ran into some issues with loading Xfce. It would crash my computer for whatever reason. I don't remember a particular update causing this...