1. I

    I need help in getting higher resolution to work on Xorg and KDE.

    I've just installed FreeBSD 13.3 on a new PC and I'm connecting it via DisplayPort to a widescreen monitor. I follwed the instructions to install X11 and KDE. KDE is indeed running. However, there is only a single resolution and everything appears very big. My motherboard supports up to 8K...
  2. B

    Nvida Drivers Not Detected? I May Be Stuck In a Frame Buffer

    Now by now I have learned my lesson NEVER to buy a laptop with an Nvidia graphics but I am stuck with this for now. So I am running a Dell Precision 7510 with an Nvida Quadro M1000M. I am using the 535 driver. I installed it through pkg. I have some issues that I believe are mostly connected...
  3. dbdemon

    Display for RPi 400, thoughts and recommendations

    Thanks to a recent video by RoboNuggie my Raspberry Pi 400 now runs at a higher CPU clock speed and is therefore much more usable. Now I can actually start using it for reading web pages, watching online videos and generally tinker with FreeBSD. Which brings me to my question. I'd like to use...
  4. samTopaz

    Display Port Cable Connected But Xrandr Shows Disconnected

    I was using an AMD R9 290 GPU in my main desktop computer. However I've swapped it out for an AMD Radion 7870 (at least I think that's what it is.) anyway the GPU I've put it my desktop doesn't have a full sized display port receptacle. It does have two mini DP receptacles however. I've got two...
  5. M

    Amazon Messes Up (to my benefit)

    Amazon lost my package and told me they were sending a new one. Of course, being one day late, I demanded they send it with next day shipping. Well today, I was the lucky receiver of TWO 27" 4096 x 2160 monitors. Contact amazon and they say they have no record of the second screen. Todays a...
  6. jungju sir

    No display during initial installation

    Hello Recently, I bought computer components (MB: Supermicro Dx10sdv-4c-tln2f/graphic onboard) to set up my home web server. As I had no PC monitor, I bought VGA to DVMI converter to use my home TV monitor (Samsung smartTV). After successful installation of FreeBSD (also Xorg and gnome3 via pkg...
  7. aragats

    Solved Second monitor is not detected after switching to vt and back

    This is a desktop system with Nvidia Quadro K2200 running FreeBSD 11.0-STABLE. The main monitor connected to DVI, the second one to DP. After switching from X to console by pressing Ctr-Alt-Fx the second monitor turns off (I don't care much about it), but when I return back to X it's not...