1. altyne

    Solved mongodb Warning: failed to start mongod

    Well, seems the message is trival but the biggest issue I encountred. It has no logs created in /var/log. 1. created a jail. (all actions took inside jail) 2. install: pkg install mongodb40 3. append /etc/rc.conf => with mongod_enable="YES" 4. service mongod start 5. Viola! Warning: failed to...
  2. vermaden

    HOWTO: MongoDB Replica Set Cluster on FreeBSD

    I would like to share setup of 5-node MongoDB replica set cluster on FreeBSD, its an addendum to the earlier article so use these two as one for complete FreeBSD setup. Addendum - MongoDB Replica Set Cluster on FreeBSD...
  3. U

    Mongo and PHP 7

    A few days ago, lang/php70 showed up in the ports tree. I wanted to give it a try but then noticed that databases/pecl-mongo was not compatible with PHP 7 (not even in upstream). Mongo itself recommends using the new pecl driver mongodb. But that does not exist in ports. Does anybody know what...