1. S

    AMD eMMC 5.0 controller device driver

    Hi, I'm trying to port the following linux patch for AMD eMMC 5.0 controller: What would be the optimal way to port this? Should I create a separate module for this controller or is there a way I can override some of the host ops like its done in...
  2. E

    Intel Apollo Lake eMMC controller access timeout

    Dears, I'm attempting to install FreeBSD 11.1 to check eMMC 5.0 compatibility via Intel SoC. And I test it on different eMMC vendor Information from git log ------------------------------------------ commit 398d5fc6afb7ce20f0cf9ecc4fe286e72afdbf29 Author: marius <> Date...
  3. aragats

    VUB300 (USB wrapper for SDIO) how to?

    I'm trying to use vub300 USB-to-SDIO. I have their evaluation board. The driver is already in the system, detects the plugged in chip right away:$ dmesg | tail . . . . . ugen0.28: <Elan Digital Systems VUB300-1.20> at usbus0However, nothing happens when I insert an SD card in its slot. Also...