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    migrate os from computer to another

    Hello FreeBSD 9.1 stable. gpart show => 34 2147483581 da0 GPT (1.0T) 34 128 1 freebsd-boot (64k) 162 2957184 2 freebsd-ufs (1.4G) 2957346 2097152 3 freebsd-ufs (1.0G) 5054498 2116026368 4 freebsd-ufs (1T) 2121080866...
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    Solved Advice on how best to import older pool to FreeBSD(fury) 12.0

    Hi all, I started with OpenSolaris back in the day and upgraded to the 'personal' Solaris 11 Express 2010.11 without upgrading the ZFS version as I wanted to hold on to the 'universal' zfs version. Now that this system is impossible to maintain in any safe manner, and having watched and played...