memory management

  1. G

    Process memory goes on increasing in FreeBSD 13

    Hello Team, I am facing one issue in which process memory goes on increasing day by day. It starts with 150MB and reaches to 1.7GB with 2-3 days.There is no leak in code as same code works on Linux platform smoothly without any memory issue. I am freeing up all memory which is allocated by mmap...
  2. D

    Memory management FreeBSD kernel

    Virtual memory and address space Consider the traditional distribution of process virtual memory on i386 (drawn from the picture by Matthew Dillon in pseudographics): We are not interested in what is related to the process, but now we are interested in the part that is KERNEL. This part, which...
  3. K

    Understanding memory management

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to learn more about how FreeBSD manages memory, specifically about the types of memory that top shows. I've read a few articles on the topic, also Chapter 7 in the Architecture Handbook. The following is my current understanding on the subject. Please clarify if I got...
  4. PKraszewski

    Usage of M_PREPEND() function in netgraph processing

    Hello! I'm in the process of writing a netgraph node specific to my project, sitting between ethernet node on the left and bunch of udp/sctp nodes on the right (sorta really crippled L2 VPN without encryption). It has "local" and set of peer0..peer15 hooks. The job of the node with flow...
  5. V

    Inactive memory breakup

    Hi, I have a FreeBSD 10 system which has 64 GB of RAM and does not have any swap. The top command is showing 34G Inactive memory; and I am confident that not 100% of this inactive memory is dirty. However I don’t know how to find how much of this Inactive memory is dirty and how much is...
  6. D

    C Create a thread with a separate file descriptor table (set RFFDG flag)

    I want to create a thread with a separate file descriptor table to have better performance with kevent. In Linux, I was using unshare syscall to achieve this, which as far as I know there is no equivalent or similar syscall in FreeBSD. Then I tried creating such thread directly with rfork via...