1. A

    Other Autofs -media mount efi partition.

    Hello, I would like to use autofs to mount removable disk. I followed the HandBook Automounting Removable media section. However, this mount a device /dev/ada1p1 which seems to be an efi partition : $ ls /media/ada1p1/ efi and $ /etc/autofs/special_media ada1p1 -fstype=msdosfs,nosuid,async...
  2. M

    Unstable WiFi Speeds Intel 8265/8275

    Hello. For quite a while I've been dealing with a highly unstable wifi connection on 13.0 (and if its relevant I'm dual booting Windows 10 on another drive on the same machine). My motherboard has an intel 8265/8275 which from my understanding is supported by the iwm driver. The main issue is...
  3. stroudmw

    home media server recommendations

    I am looking to build a very simple home media server. What I would like is to go to my laptop, open up my favourite music or video player, click "file -> open", see my storage as another drive, and play my stuff (stream it - without waiting for it to download first). This will not be a...
  4. coyote_zed

    MATE Mapping media buttons in Mate

    I have FreeBSD 11 on a Dell Latitude E6530 and I'm using Mate for my DE. I trying to figure out how to map the media (volume, play, pause, next, back) buttons. I'm not sure where to start looking to get this done. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. M

    Favourite docs, videos, audio (media) relating to IT/technology

    No copyright violations! When in doubt link to Wikipedia / some descriptive source instead of a file In no particular order: -) [doc] Program design in the UNIX environment, Rob Pike, Brian W. Kernighan -) [video] BSD Now Episode 103...