1. N

    Matrox G200eR2 on FreeBSD 14.0

    Hi, I have a Dell T320 with integrated Matrox graphics. I also have an NVS300, which is apparently unsupported due to a bug from 2017. I am trying to get X/xorg working with a higher resolution than 800x600. I primarily need the video for X/xorg display, I do not do any heavy 3d accelerated...
  2. Sergei_Shablovsky

    Change resolution to 1600x1200 on integrated Matrox MGA G200e in D2939 Fujitsu motherboard

    Hi, FreeBSD Gurus! The Fujitsu PRIMERGY server motherboard D2939 have integrated video, exactly Matrox MGA G200e. Local widescreen monitor have max resolution 1680x1058, 60Hz (D-sub) / 75Hz (DVI-D). Due needs to remote management and iRMS (built-in server remote management card) requirements...
  3. F

    Matrox cards with Hardware acceleration?

    Hi, I'm searching for alternatives to NVIDIA/AMD PCIe graphics cards. I'd like to know if Matrox cards are supported by FreeBSD, that is if FreeBSD drivers are available for Matrox cards that make full use of hardware acceleration on the desktop, font rendering, in Firefox/Chromium and other...