1. coyote_zed

    Python Issues with Python3 script using py37-matplotlib and py37-networkx

    I have a python3 script using the networkx and matplotlib libraries. An example sample is as follows: #! /usr/bin/env python3 import matplotlib matplotlib.use('Agg') import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import networkx as nx if __name__ == '__main__': vertices = range(1, 10) edges =...
  2. F

    matplotlib in python 2.7 virtualenv on FreeBSD 11

    Hi Forum I am trying to install matplotlib in a Python 2.7.15 virtualenv (created using virtualenvwrapper) on FreeBSD 11-RELEASE system. It seems that I am running in a somewhat known problem with the installation of numpy (cf. the edit in post #3 of "Matplotlib python3 anyone?" [1]). After a...
  3. Y

    Matplotlib python3 anyone?

    Hi, has anyone managed to actually build the math/py-matplotlib port with some version of python 3? The history on freshports mentions that some time ago it couldn't be built without human intervention due to some other ports build failures. Unfortunately I can't find any description on how to...