1. R

    Solved Installing mariadb-connector-odbc removes mariadb-server package

    Hello all, I am trying to install mariadb-server with the mariadb-connector-odbc on the same server but i am unsuccessfull. when installing one , it wants to remove the other. I have tried installing from pkg with default FreeBSD Repo, but also with my Poudriere Repo, but with the same result...
  2. marcus123

    Solved pkg couldn't find mariadb102

    Hello, I am trying to install mariadb10.2 on FreeBSD 10.3, I find the port of mariadb102 is available, but the pkg seems not... I have done pkg update, and pkg search mariadb, but couldn't find the 10.2 version, should we need to wait for few more days if we want to use pkg? Thanks