1. razetime

    man page for apropos(1) references nonexistent options from page for man(1)

    Environment: FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE releng/13.2-n254617-525ecfdad597 GENERIC RPi 400 The listing for apropos(1), under the Description heading, after the options are listed, contains the following line: I found that -c and -l were not documented in man(1). On further inspection man(1) stated...
  2. D

    POSIX man pages on FreeBSD

    Does FreeBSD provide man pages for POSIX? In Debian and Ubuntu, I usually install the "manpages-posix" and "manpages-posix-dev" packages to get POSIX man pages. Is there something similar for FreeBSD?
  3. Cath O'Deray

    Manual pages online: RFD – share your thoughts on changes to design

    Hint The first two or three posts here might be mind-bending. Post #10 puts things in context. beadm FreeBSD bug 254466 – sysutils/beadm-devel section (1) and sysutils/beadm section (8) for the two manual pages for beadm; consequences closed works as intended – Wolfram Schneider's...
  4. int0x50

    C find out list of C functions supported in FreeBSD

    is there a page or way to list out all the C functions (supported in FreeBSD) that are available? that are classified based on graphics, file i/o, system calls, networking; etc. for example, if i want to code in networking part, i may not know that some functions are available, but going...
  5. A

    Solved Offline

    Is there a way to have a full clone of on a PC? * Offline -- Setting up some type of local CGI server, to execute queries and read the result on a local browser. * Complete -- With all its set of man pages, represented on <select name="manpath">...
  6. Nicola Mingotti

    Solved How to read "on forge" man pages in current ?

    Hi, I just found this very interesting man page that is being written in these days: Is there a way I can see the formatted man page and not only a set of diffs ? I know it is work in progress, but i would like to read it anyway. p.s. I...
  7. Nicola Mingotti

    How to print Man pages in colors ?

    Hi, I like to read man pages one the web in colors as in: I would like to have some of them in pdf, in colors as well. Is it possible? I tried to export them to pdf via browser but they don't come well formatted. I saw the option of exporting to "pdf" in...
  8. EmeraldBot

    Solved Man Pages for Ports...

    I'm not quite sure if this is a bug or not, and I deeply apologize if it's not, but there is something I've noticed... None of the programs I have installed through ports (vim, cups, xterm, etc) appear to have man pages installed, although all the base programs do and they work fine. These...