man pages

  1. D

    POSIX man pages on FreeBSD

    Does FreeBSD provide man pages for POSIX? In Debian and Ubuntu, I usually install the "manpages-posix" and "manpages-posix-dev" packages to get POSIX man pages. Is there something similar for FreeBSD?
  2. gotnull

    Dark Theme for Bugzilla, Manual Pages, Cgit.

    Hi, I've made two dark themes, one for Bugzilla and one for the Manual Pages. I am not a web designer so it's far from perfect, but at least it's not bright anymore and it feels more comfortable for my eyes. For those who are interested, instructions are in links below...
  3. Steffen

    Solved man page in Makefile

    Hello, I am creating a new port. The program is written in Go and the source has a man page (1). You can find it here: I wrote a Makefile, make stage and make stage-qa are working without problems, everything's in place, i.e. the binary is in...
  4. grahamperrin

    tuning(7) – FreeBSD performance tuning manual

    <> Before I open a bug for a part of the page that's wrong: does anyone else have corrections, or suggestions for improvement? Thanks
  5. int0x50

    C find out list of C functions supported in FreeBSD

    is there a page or way to list out all the C functions (supported in FreeBSD) that are available? that are classified based on graphics, file i/o, system calls, networking; etc. for example, if i want to code in networking part, i may not know that some functions are available, but going...
  6. clawhammer

    Solved what is the difference between options with - and options with --?

    I see this on the pages next to the - options and I also see -- by itself. Can someone explain to me what it means?
  7. C

    Solved man man synopsis

    Hi i'm wondering that Synopsis in man pages are not described. For a Unix beginner is that a little frustrating. If i'm blind tell me where i can found that information. I have searched this in the internet but i thought it's offline available. Thx
  8. Bill Evans at Mariposa

    man page section titles for ell and en

    The man page for 'man(1)' lists titles for nine man page sections: FreeBSD General Commands Manual FreeBSD System Calls Manual FreeBSD Library Functions Manual FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual FreeBSD File Formats Manual FreeBSD Games Manual FreeBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual FreeBSD...
  9. EmeraldBot

    Solved Man Pages for Ports...

    I'm not quite sure if this is a bug or not, and I deeply apologize if it's not, but there is something I've noticed... None of the programs I have installed through ports (vim, cups, xterm, etc) appear to have man pages installed, although all the base programs do and they work fine. These...
  10. T

    A new approach for BSD man pages

    Hi, I want to modernize the man pages of the BSD systems. In my opinion the modern man pages should be organized under the use cases of the tools. Today they are organized following the options and commands of the tools. For example the ls man page shows the options -a and -A and so on. I...