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  1. P

    Mailing lists

    I found a bug (and solution) in FreeBSD repo which I want to report. Mailed about it on FreeBSD mailing list (freebsd-current). Didn't see mail on the mailing list archive after few days. Sent another mail. Mail still didn't get to the mailing list. More than a week has pass after my first mail...
  2. P

    whatever happened to the mailing lists?

    Hello. I've posted a few queries on some mailing lists and none of them would find their way into the archives. It appears they moved from mailman to something else but it _looks_ like it doesn't get updated or perhaps there's an issue there of which I am unaware? Does anyone of you know more?
  3. rickvanderzwet

    obsolete freebsd-www@ mailinglist not closed?

    The freebsd-www@ mailinglist has an notice it will be closed soonish and looking at the archives somewhere in mid 2014 the last message was posted, how-ever it never seemed to have closed completely. As such from mid 2014 until today, the only messages in the archives are spam messages only...
  4. A

    Solved What's your favourite tool to keep track of FreeBSD Bugzilla?

    There are different types of tools, to keep us informed about recent activities on the FreeBSD Bugzilla. What's your favourite one? Bugzilla web interface: Mailing List: Mailing List web interface...
  5. D

    How to deal with mailing lists?

    Even though I'm not using my main mail box for mailing lists, I'm still bathed with messages I have nothing to do with. As I have subscribed to too much mailing lists, I'm about to close this email account. How do you deal with the mailing lists without being annoyed by them I wonder? Thanks.
  6. aponomarenko

    Mailing lists vs this forum

    Do mailing lists have any advantages over this forum? Why do people still use them?
  7. MichaelW

    recommended mail lists for a new user

    hello! I am new to FreeBSD (well, I am new to *BSDs in general) I am very well versed in Linux sysops, but I recently decided to change my servers to FreeBSD, I was wondering what mail lists will be good for me at this stage, personal recommendations are welcome.
  8. sidetone

    Howto contribute improvements to FreeBSD

    FreeBSD Mailing Lists: To send an email to the FreeBSD mailing list, make sure your email is sent in plain text, as HTML and attachments are filtered out. A subscription is not required, but it will have to be moderated. If you're having problems sending to the mailing list, please test your...