obsolete freebsd-www@ mailinglist not closed?


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The freebsd-www@ mailinglist has an notice it will be closed soonish and looking at the archives somewhere in mid 2014 the last message was posted, how-ever it never seemed to have closed completely. As such from mid 2014 until today, the only messages in the archives are spam messages only.

Leaves me wondering if this done intentional and/or if I need to flag it somewhere?

PS: I have no clue on in which forum category the message fit, feel free to move/change if I choose the wrong one.


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The forums have no association with the mailing lists.

However, on the list page:

freebsd-www -- **OBSOLETE** FreeBSD Project Webmasters
About freebsd-www **OBSOLETE** subscribe to freebsd-doc instead! This list will soon be retired.