mail server

  1. K

    Mail server: Postfix with MySQL and SASL together on a single package?

    Hi. I'd like to move my mail server (postfix+dovecot) from OpenBSD to FreeBSD 14. Under OpenBSD, there is a package of Postfix with SASL2 and MySQL support together (postfix-3.8-sasl2-mysql). Is there anything like that under FreeBSD, containing both SASL and MySQL support as a single package...
  2. jarmo

    OpenSMTPD + DKIM filter

    Hello! I'm trying to migrate my server from Ubuntu Linux to FreeBSD. On Linux I was using Postfix with OpenDKIM to sign outgoing e-mails, but I'm interested to try OpenSMTPD on FreeBSD due to easier configuration syntax. Getting OpenSMTPD running with Dovecot was quite a breeze - I can receive...
  3. dbdemon

    Advice when migrating Internet forum from CentOS7 to FreeBSD

    I have an Internet forum (Xenforo software running on nginx, php-fpm, MariaDB, ElasticSearch) and a mail server (dovecot, postfix, and roundcube for the front-end) running on CentOS7. As I've acquired a taste for FreeBSD and also because CentOS7 is EOL by June 2024 (and CentOS8 is already EOL...
  4. J

    Running two Mail Servers (sendmail and exim) on the same server, one in a jail

    I am running FreeBSD 12.1. It has the default sendmail server running. I want to install exim in a jail. I want to have exim connect to my mail server in another state, Texas. All it will do is connect and download the mail. A local mirror if you will. Exim will not sendmail, or act as a...
  5. T

    Cannot login to Maia mailguard

    Hi, I'm running maia mailguard 1.0.3 (A Virus and Spam Management Solution for Email ) and have set 2 primary account as administrator, and I’ve tried switch account as primary from account1 to account2. After that I cannot login with new primary account with error : Login for user...
  6. CyberCr33p

    merge 2 bogofilter databases

    Is it possible to merge 2 bogofilter databases in 1 database? For example does this work? bogoutil -d wordlist.db > wordlist.server1 bogoutil -d wordlist.db > wordlist.server2 cat wordlist.db.server1 | bogoutil -l cat wordlist.db.server2 | bogoutil -l
  7. F

    Mail username

    Hello guys ! I'm running FreeBSD 10.1 and I have a little problem. With httpd installed and webserver running every mail goes to receiver with same name/email. Configuration: private $smtpServer = ''; private $port = '465'; private $timeout = '45'; private...