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  1. LarryFahnoe

    14.0 DMA doesn't include gecos in From: headers

    I've just installed a 14.0 system and chose to use the new default MTA DragonFly Mail Agent as this should be perfect for this system. I have configured it for remote delivery via SMARTHOST. I have noticed however that the From: headers only include the e-mail address, and not the gecos field...
  2. mayers

    Sendmail Submit

    I'm trying to configure sendmail for simple log sending via smart host. I should then configure submit Il mio rc.conf sendmail_enable="NO" sendmail_submit_enable="YES" sendmail_outbound_enable="NO" sendmail_msp_queue_enable="YES" At this point it is not clear to me whether I should configure...
  3. Sivan!

    Postfix message in a sendmail "envelope"(wrapper) ?

    In a lab VM environment, I have installed postfix, tried disabling sendmail, postfix logs still say something about sendmail such as Jul 2 18:21:51 6 sendmail[79052]: 262ILX6p079052:, delay=00:00:18, mailer=esmtp, pri=30112, dsn=4.4.3, stat=queued Then I...
  4. P

    openSMTPD with TLS and SASL Auth

    Hi everyone, Actually I have a rule who do SMTP relay and work nice for one account : accept from source { localhost } for any relay via tls+auth://label@mySMTP:587 auth <secrets> the account is stored on a secret.db file like that : label user:login I...