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  1. R

    KDE5 randomly 'loses' Reboot and Shutdown from launcher menu

    I'm running FreeBSD 11,2-RELEASE-p3, kde5- and sddm-0.17.0_2 In System Settings -> Workspace -> Startup and Shutdown -> Desktop session I have 'Offer shutdown options' checked so I normally see the Reboot and Shutdown options in the Leave tab of the launcher. But they sometimes...
  2. StreetDancer

    LXDE Does anyone else notice pkg install don't add...

    Does anyone else notice when installing packages that it's not until after you install another package; that the previous one is added to the LXDE application launcher? So far this has been the case with 11-Stable and 12-Current. Just wanted to check with the other LXDE users. Cheers :)