1. R

    Trying to print with lpr produces blank pages

    I am trying to setup my printer to print using lpr from the command line. My goal is to be able to print documents created in vi with nroff formatting. I have managed to set up my printer using CUPS and if I print in a non-terminal application printing works fine. If however, I print in the...
  2. byrnejb

    Building cups-lpr

    Given I have poudriere setup and working how do I get a local copy of cups-lpr? The references that I have found imply that this is part of the cups package, but I do not find it on my system even though cups is installed. I have looked at the options set on the cups port pkg and I do not see...
  3. sidetone

    About Printing on FreeBSD

    Postscript (PS) and PCL (Printer Command Language) are printer languages known as Page Description Languages (PDLs) supported by the majority of printers for interpreting and printing jobs. These two PDLs are alternate models developed by Adobe and HP respectively. ASCII is a printer language...
  4. uzsolt

    okular: cups and lpd mismatch?

    Hi all! I'm using the standard lpd to print. While the print/cups-client combined into print/cups can't use the standard lpd only from commandline. When I want to print from graphics/okular it prints into stdout (or stderr): lpr-cups: Bad file descriptor I think it calls /usr/local/bin/lpr and...
  5. J

    CUPS PPD file - Custom Modifications

    To whom it may concern, We have a solution in place, where we have customized the PPD file to add a watermark, or document classification stamp to each document printed. This is already working, with all PostScript enabled printers. If I print a test page from within CUPS, the watermark, and...
  6. jrm@

    Printing with lpr(1)/lpd(8) and a PPD

    Hello, I'm attempting to print to a Konica Minolta bizhub 454e. According to the spec sheet it supports postscript. Our department administrator supplied us with a modified PPD file where we have to enter our login credentials. I believe my login credentials are correct, because I can log in...
  7. C

    lpr vs. cups

    Ladies and Gents which do you use and why. I'm considering buying myself a printer and wanted to know which system you guys use for yourself. Also any suggestions on printers would be welcome.