linux emulation

  1. M

    Linuxuator not woring, i get this error message :terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error)

    Hi Hello, i have an common error everytime i try to run a program or a game on GhostBSD (FreeBSD 12.2), just need to know what this means and how to fix it : terminated by signal SIGSEGV , here's an example when I try to run Rexuiz 686, i get this error message : menu: program is not loaded...
  2. P

    [Linuxulator] How to run Google Chrome (linux-binary) on FreeBSD

    [Update] For new instructions targeting FreeBSD 13.0 and newer, please see: Important notes: 1) Tested upon FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE. Used Ubuntu-based linux compat instead of default CentOS one...
  3. daeron

    linux library - No such file or directory

    Would welcome any suggestions to help get a linux application (avidemux) to run, added required library /compat/linux/lib/ which is a sym-link to /compat/linux/lib/ But the app is responding: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object...
  4. D

    Linux Binary - SDL Error: Could not initialize UDEV

    This is for the pico8 binary specifically, which is only distributed for Linux, MacOS and Windows currently. So I've installed the necessary emulator port (emulator/linux_base-c7) to provide the necessary libraries, etc. and have linux.ko, linux_common.ko, linux64.ko loaded. So I understand...
  5. RedPhoenix

    I got Video Acceleration!!..... :D I think..... :)

    So after running Xorg -configure, and using the SCFB Driver, Wine doesn't report any issues with the Display..... :D Now, when I run Wine64, or Wine, either gives me the error that err:winedevice:ServiceMain Failed to load L"win32k.sys" Any advice.....? :3 Also, is there any way I can...