1. M

    slow rsync speeds for LAN transfer but not remote transfer

    I'm trying to transfer a bunch of movies (.mv4; ~400mb each) from my freebsd server to my mac on my local area network, with: rsync --progress -vvr . The transfer is excruciatingly slow (75kb/s) I can download files with my internet...
  2. robhar

    Lenovo docking station not working

    Hi, I just bought a Lenovo Hybrid USB-C/USB-A docking station for my X1 Carbon thats running FreeBSD. I can't get it to play nicely. It seems to detect the dock, lights flash etc. Can turn the laptop on/off via the button on the dock. I bought it to connect 2 external monitors and ethernet...
  3. greencloud

    Solved Network connection goes off after turning PC off overnight

    Hi, I'm fairly new to FreeBSD and for some reason I'm having a weird experience on how my setup is behaving on my network. I have 2 other operating systems on my rig (that's not even a year old), Archlinux, Windows 10 and FreeBSD, all installed on 3 separate SSD's. FreeBSD's volume is in GPT and...
  4. vermaden

    Scripted Network Management with

    Hi, As some of You know there is net-mgmt/networkmgr which allows convenient/graphical Wireless and LAN connections switch. What I miss in it is the WWAN connection management, DNS management, optional MAC generation and network shares unmount at disconnect. With my solution you still need to...
  5. T

    PF pf keeping state for lan to wan traffic.

    Hello, Sorry if the title is confusing. My question is when configuring pf I discovered two ways to achieve routing my traffic through my FreeBSD router using pf. The first rule set is as follows. ext_if="em1" int_if="em0" set skip on lo set block-policy drop nat on $ext_if from any to any...