1. S

    ZFS GELI password check

    I have the GELI key, but the associated pool (HDDs) unavailable currently (phisically). Can I check my password(s) with the keyfile only, without the encrypted media? If I know, the keyfile contains the keychain(s), protected by password(s). I would like to check this password, but without...
  2. R

    ZFS Is it possible to start a machine with geli password and a keyfile, located on a usb and geli boots from the local disks

    Hi, On this forum and on internet many things are found about GELI. What I was looking for is: - That GELI boots from the local disks on the machine - It works with a passphrase and a keyfile. - The keyfile is located on a USB I have the impression this setup is not possible, but I want to...
  3. aorchid

    Other geli and external firewire drive boot question

    Hello, I have multiple internal drives that are encrypted with geli via a password only. I am running 10.1 presently, and upon reboot I am asked for a password to decrypt the drives and continue the boot process. I do not have anything in /boot/loader.conf about them, other than instructing it...