keyboard layout

  1. N

    (solution) colemak layout not used in console after install of GhostBSD

    After installing GhostBSD, selected keyboard layout was used in X/xorg, but not in console. According to this vt is the current default console. Keyboard layout is in /usr/share/vt/keymap/colemak.acc.kbd Solution: edit /etc/defaults/rc.conf keymap="colemak.acc.kbd" and /etc/rc.conf...
  2. Snork

    Czech keyboard issues

    Hello there, I've been wanting to try out FreeBSD for a while now but I've ran into a problem when it comes to setting up the keyboard layout. When I choose the czech keyboard (qwertz with accent keys) I have the following problems - 1) The only accent letters that appear are the áíéú keys...
  3. Kalero

    Messed keyboard

    Hi, I just installed FreeBSD 13.1, latest X.Org and Lumina, configured X.Org’s Spanish keyboard layout as shown here (point, example 7) and when I start X, the keyboard is absolutely messed up. On vt the keyboard is OK; it’s only...
  4. R

    Customizing Belkin n52te Keyboard

    Potentially strange question, but I'm trying to customize a secondary keyboard on a FreeBSD machine. I have a standard keyboard, that I'd like to have behave as a "normal" keyboard. Then I have this bizarre hand-shaped keyboard, the Belkin n52te, that I'd like to use for controlling Open...
  5. F

    Solved Geli passphrase prompt and keyboard layout

    Hi, I'm experimenting with geli encryption on a spare laptop. I've activated ZFS root encryption from the FreeBSD installer. I'm using a french keyboard layout. After POST, Geli prompts me for the passphrase with a US keyboard layout. That's annoying. I've set the...
  6. D

    Solved Changing Keyboard Layout In sc

    Hello, I have tried changing the screen resolution with vidcontrol but I got an error: module_register_init: MOD_LOAD (vesa, 0xffffffff8251100, 0) error 19 sysctl_unregister_oid: failed to unregister sysctl With this reply, I changed my console mode from vt to sc and I successfully changed my...
  7. I

    Solved Anne Pro keyboard has wrong layout after the boot menu

    I have an Obins Anne Pro v1 70% keyboard, I want to use it simultaneously with a normal Logitech one. The Logitech keyboard has a Hungarian layout. I changed the layout to United States America with kbdmap and connected the keyboard with an USB cable. The layout is totally off. I got "a" in the...
  8. R

    Solved Keyboard layout for Apple Magic Keyboard not working

    Hello FreeBSD community, I like to run FreeBSD 12.1 on VMware Fusion on a Mac Mini. The install itself is pretty easy to follow. During the install process I choose a german keyboard layout. When the installation process is finished, and I log in to e.g. XFCE the keyboard layout does not work...
  9. NapoleonWils0n

    Change the layout on an external keyboard

    You can change the layout on an external keyboard without changing your built in keyboards layout using setxkbmap You use the xinput command to list the external keyboard id, however running xinput on Freebsd didnt show my external keyboard but running xinput on linux worked Ive had to switch...