kernel crash

  1. X

    Kernel panic after upgrade to 14-STABLE

    Hi, I just upgraded from 13-STABLE to 14-STABLE and was unable to fully boot, experiencing random vm_faults I'm currently unable to examine the core dump : [root@numenor crash]# gdb /boot/kernel.old/kernel vmcore.last GNU gdb (GDB) 13.1 [GDB v13.1 for FreeBSD] Copyright (C) 2023 Free Software...
  2. H

    System freeze on a T490 laptop

    Some time ago I tried to migrate my laptop to FreeBSD. I've managed to install 13.0 and everything seemed to be fine, but then I started having these complete system freezes. Since I was running X, I wasn't seeing anything on the console. I didn't had too much time to investigate (and...
  3. Farhan Khan

    Solved How to enable crash dumps?

    Hi all, My kernel is crashing due to some changes I am making. When I enter ddb, I type in dump, which appears to dump the image state but when I boot up there is no content in /var/crash. Running `kgdb` does not find any crash logs. What might be causing that? Please advise. Thanks!
  4. CodeJoule

    "Fatal trap 9: general protection fault while in kernel mode" crashes are consistent and daily

    I've been searching online for answers to this, and I could not find a solution so I am making a new thread. My system will often crash in an instant, dump the memory, and then shutdown. Usually this happens when I open up specific pages in my browser (www/qutebrowser) but it can often happen at...
  5. D

    Solved DRM Module Kernel Panic with pkg

    Hello, I have been trying to get OpenCL working and found out I needed graphics/drm-fbsd12.0-kmod in order to get OpenCL recognize my GPU. The problem is, that module only works if it's built from ports and crashes when it's installed from pkg. The other issue is for number of reasons I can't...
  6. D

    Solved Fatal Error On DRM Load

    Hello,I have been trying to get clinfo to display my GPU correctly. Currently it displays: clGetDeviceIDs(NULL, CL_DEVICE_TYPE_ALL, ...) No devices found in platform [Clover?] At first I tried loading the Radeon GPU DRM radeonkms.ko but when I try to load it I get a fatal trap 12 page fault...
  7. M

    Kernel panic when deleting ZFS snapshot

    Recently, I've been getting a kernel panic every morning and I realized it was the same time cron was executing sysutils/zfsnap to delete old snapshots. I narrowed it down to one snapshot that was causing the issue, zroot@2017-05-21_01.00.00--2w. Since that is recursive from the parent zfs, I...
  8. mag

    Kernel Crash Dump

    Hi My only question is: Do the crash dumps work if the swap space is encrypted with geli ? I mean is it possible to get a crash dump core file after a panic if full disk encryption is deployed ? Because the developers handbook states the following: Before the kernel will dump the contents of...
  9. D

    kernel panic after upgrade from 9.2 to 10.3 release

    Hello everyone. I encountered a problem after upgrading server from FreeBSD 9.2 Release to 10.3-RELEASE-p15. A kernel panic happens when network traffic are increasing. For example, I use rsync to deliver backups from the server to local machine. After a while, I get panic that states: Fatal...
  10. Alex Dowad

    Solved Refugee from Linux, now 2 kernel panics in 2 days

    Dear FreeBSD forums, Hi! New BSD user here (only 2 days "old"). I've been looking forward to trying out BSD for a long time and decided to try FreeBSD first. After installing FreeBSD 11 on my new Lenovo laptop, I am brutally disappointed to get 2 kernel panics in my first 2 days. I don't even...