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    Joystick API

    Hello all. I'll keep this brief: 1. Does anyone know of any game or other piece of software that would be broken if the current joystick driver & API were replaced?
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    How do I use a USB game pad in FreeBSD?

    I have a Logitech Dual Action USB game pad plugged into my computer. I dual boot Funtoo Linux 1.2 and FreeBSD 12-STABLE. The game pad works fine under Linux with no additional configuration. Under FreeBSD, however, I'm having problems. I run Plasma 5. The kcm module for input/joystick doesn't...
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    Xorg && joystick not working

    Hello, My son wants to play flightgear on his laptop and I have installed him a joystick. The kernel is FreeBSD CURRENT r292778-amd64 with Xorg 7.7.2 ... all compiled from ports. I have installed also the uhidd driver module and the device /dev/uhid0 is there after attaching the joystick...