jail passthrough

  1. gatekeeper

    jails Problem accessing USB device from jail

    Hello to everyone. This is my first post to the forums :) I am trying to make a USB device (XGecu T48) work under FreeBSD inside a 32bit jail (13.2-RELEASE). For this, I am required to use libusb to communicate with the device. I can observe that the USB device can be opened in the host system...
  2. K

    jails Allow jailed system to access USB device

    Good evening! I am having trouble understanding what to add to my /etc/devfs.rules in order to allow a jail to access USB devices. It is about a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running FreeBSD 13.0p4 RELEASE, I would like to set up a jail that runs comms/dump1090, which takes input data from a SDR-RTL USB...