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    intel x520-da2 up but no ISP and LAN connectivity

    Hello, So every weekend, for the past 3, when the internet is getting some down time I have been trying to setup an Intel x520-da2. I am connecting the ix0 port to my ISP and the ix1 port to my internal LAN. I am using 6com intel compatible rj45 sfp+ transceivers. Interface ix0 never gets an ip...
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    SMTP server for ISP

    Hi all, I have to prepare new SMTP server for an internet service provider and I am looking for recommendations and your experience. There are two main modes of operation intended: - take all messages from given networks, refuse viruses and spam and relay rest into the internet - take...
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    Basic Network Info, ISP wrangling

    Hi, I have a Raspberry Pi, that I am running to serve html pages from. I feel as though I have never properly set it up. Now that I am trying to do this I come to the problem, when I call the ISP they will not really give me the information I need. They use DHCP to answer every question. I...
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    freebsd hangs and then fine

    I have a FreeBSD system that just kind off crashed, the machine became partly unresponsive and i could exit X and when i started X again everything seems to be fine, but i have another machine connected to it by fiber that restarted because the disk did not respond. Feb 29 12:49:46 bsdserver...