1. R

    How to get custom option on client from ISC DHCP server

    Over ISC-DHCP server I wanted to define a custom DHCP Option, for which I am using below config option imagefile code 224 = ip-address; subnet netmask { range; option imagefile; } I am able to restart DHCP server after...
  2. F

    Solved DBDIR/dhcpd.leases

    I've installed isc-dhcp44-server and client and have read the manual pages for dhcpd.leases. The instructions say to look in man page of dhcpd.leases if you don't know what to do, which is that when dhcpd is invoked it cannot find var/db/dhcpd.leases. In the man page it says to create "touch...
  3. Bobi B.

    Solved isc-dhcp44-server port lacking --enable-use-sockets configure option

    Greetings. I look forward to use net/isc-dhcp44-server to answer to DHCP relays. It is a bit unusual configuration, where relay runs on the same machine (because it does a bit more than just relaying DHCP packets), therefore have to address the DHCP server by an IP address, using sockets. The...