ip addresses

  1. Duffyx

    Solved Jail IP configuration

    I've been diving into jails lately and I'm scratching my head. In terms of pure configuration of jail.conf I have no real questions. However in terms of IP usage and interface allocation I have a few. I have read many threads about jails and have seen 2 approaches most widely used: 1) Jail IP...
  2. Drahos Madar

    getting IP and MAC of all peripherals

    Hey guys I'm new @ BSD and this forum - so sorry if my question is duplicated or somehow not in line with rules of this web (as far as I have investigated none of those apply) I was asked to write a program (python preff) which will return IP and MAC of all peripherals connected to server...
  3. M

    Can only ssh remotely with new hostname, not on local wifi

    I just set up port forwarding (port 22) on my router (ip of Now I can ssh into my server (ip of remotely (from another internet connection) using its new static domain name I made with the www.noip.com service. However that new host name doesn't work when I'm on the...
  4. abdelilah

    Solved Multiple network adresses

    Hello, Lacking a proxy on my PF is it possible to do the following: - Assign multiple network addressees on the same subnet to a machine for example and, can it be done without any hassle and how to proceed (multiple separated card, or one with multiple...
  5. Johan Stuyts

    Host IP address on bridge or epair?

    Hi, I created a bridge (bridge0) on my host, to which I have added the physical interface of the host. The documentation states: "If the bridge host needs an IP address, set it on the bridge interface, not on the member interfaces". I understand why setting an IP address on a member interface...
  6. bdl

    Setting up IP addresses for websites

    Hi folks! Four-year member, first-time poster here. I have been running some WordPress sites on a FreeBSD VPS off and on for a couple years. To do this I have just installed the basics: MySQL, PHP, WordPress, NGINX, etc. WordPress and FreeBSD have worked so well together after that, that I've...