1. fnoyanisi

    iohyve networking issue

    Hi, My host OS is FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE and I am running two bhyve guests on it. One of them is a Debian GNU/Linux and the other on is FreeBSD-CURRENT. I use iohyve to manage guest operating systems. Debian uses tap1 whereas FreeBSD-CURRENT uses tap0 as the network interface. The Debian guest...
  2. dave

    No VNC connection with bhyve?

    Hello, I am using vm-bhyve to try and run a Windows install. All seems good, but when I try to connect with VNC, I get no response. The only thing I have done differently that the usual path is to use a manual switch, since I already have one configured using iohyve. I'm testing vm-bhyvve...
  3. jdb

    Solved Installation problems with iohyve (Windows 10)

    Hey guys :) I am currently trying to install Windows 10 using iohyve and ZFS. Problem: Can't install Windows apparently iohyve/bhyve could not open the iso file... Output of iohyve install myvmname Win10_1803_German_x64.iso: root@server:~ # iohyve install myvmname Win10_1803_German_x64.iso...