1. Ome Ko

    Quick and dirty IMAP(-UW) server

    Everybody (even me) is using dovecot nowadays, but for a quick and dirty config-free IMAP installation on my homenetwork with sendmail I still prefer IMAP-UW. Since the source is getting harder to find everyday and may be lost forever in the near future, I linked the 3 (too big to attach) files...
  2. gpw928

    systemd gets inetd functions

    I see that Ubuntu 22.10 delivers updates to OpenSSH "configured by default to use systemd socket activation, meaning that sshd will not be started until an incoming connection request is received. This reduces the memory footprint of Ubuntu Server on smaller devices, VMs or LXD containers." So...
  3. FKEinternet

    Solved ipfw vs. ping puzzle

    My servers Dreamer and Wren each have two interfaces, connected to two routers. The re0 interfaces are connected to the 192.168.14.* subnet, and the re1 interfaces are connected to the 192.168.1.* subnet. The 192.168.1.* subnet originates at a Verizon router, which is also upstream from an...
  4. jungleboogie

    inetd app startup problem

    Hello All, Thanks for reading. I've asked a few questions on the -questions mailing list before but I think I'll post this problem here for visibility now and in the future. I found out about a project called caddy, which is written in the go language: It's a simple to...